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  • Cutout editor wishlist

    Hey there!

    Here are a couple things I'd like to see in a future version of the cutout/mesh editor:

    1. Hotkey for switching between add and remove points modes. Like holding down CTRL or ALT while clicking on a point to remove it.

    2. Having the ability to switch to and edit multiple meshes without having to close the editor. Right now you can only show multiple meshes but not edit them.

    3. The ability to drag select multiple points. Which can then be further manipulated, like copied over to a different mesh to speed up cutout/leaf creation.

    4. Auto multi leaf mesh creation, giving it just the vertical center lines of the leaves. Figures out the bounds automatically based on the opacity map values.

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    The_Distiller, I've logged your requests with our developers, thank you for your feedback!

    For 2, we recommend using the dropdown menu in the editor window to switch between multiple meshes.

    Hope this helps!