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  • NO License Key received upon purchase

    Hey Devs,

    We purchased a SpeedTree license on Friday 19.05.23: Games Pro License / Node-locked.
    Followed the prompts (changed the tab to "Pro" / pressed the “Request a license key”) but have NOT received the LICENSE KEY yet and are currently working on a 7-day trial.
    We need this key urgently in order for our artist to be able to export his models to UE5.

    Also sent an email to [email protected].
    Was hoping that posting this enquiry on the forum will speed the request up somehow...


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    Hi TPar,

    Apologies for the delay in receiving your license, our licensing team is currently dealing with understaffing issues, and our offices are closed on weekends. You should have received your key as of this morning. Please verify and let us know if you still haven't received it for any reason.


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      Hi Caleb Franklin

      No, unfortunately we have not received our license key.
      Our trial ends in 3 days, please send the key as soon as possible.



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        Understood. It appears your team started several threads in our help desk using different email addresses in regards to this license issuance, so it was likely sent to a different inbox than the one that was checked. I've sent your license key again to one of the other email addresses we have on file. Please check it and let us know if you still haven't received your key.


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          We are experiencing the same issue.
          I purchased the license yesterday, but I didn't receive any emails about that, nor did the recepient of the license. The support requests also remain unanswered.
          The license time is already going, it is concerning.


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            Hi Mike, apologies for the delay. Unfortunately, our support team is small and understaffed at the moment. Additionally, it appears you only reached out to our team just this morning regarding this issue. In general, our support team has a turnaround time of around 24 hours or less from the time a request is received. That said, I've located your support ticket on our help desk and will be responding momentarily once I've taken a look at this issue. Thank you.