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  • import - vray material

    hello there

    the import of a fbx into max works great via the scripts.
    but there are some issues in the material setup.

    1. for vray material don't use translucency! but put the whole material into a 2sidedMaterial for the effect.
    2. remove the refraction map. It doesn't seem to have an effect. there is an opacity map for cutout.
    3. there is a problem the script is setting up the bump/normal effect. in 3ds max all normal maps (bitmaps) has to be in a normalmap node... they can not be directly in the bump map slot. there will be no effect.
    AND be careful with he gamma, since a lot of us are working in LWF (linear workflow) the gamma for the input should remain on 1.0 and not 2.2

    I hope we get a overworked script soon. If I could code I would make it myself, but unfortunately I cant.

    best regards

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    thanks for the feedback