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Maya Import Script appears to have a bug

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  • Maya Import Script appears to have a bug

    Apologies, this probably is mistitled. It may be that the bug is located in the "Bobes" functions of the main program. Or perhaps in the main program's exporter.

    I'm experiencing some very weird behavior when importing trees into Maya (2013) for Version 7.0.4. Having made sure I am using the scripts that were included in the Version 7.0.4 update.

    The problem is with "Bones".

    In the standard case, if I assign bones to the trunk and B1 or B2 branches, the Maya import has branches everywhere except the leaves. If I delete the bones in all branches, retaining only the bones in the trunk, the imports continue to contain all the bones.

    Or, I can zero-out all the bone sub-settings for all the branches, leaving only the bones in the trunk. One one import, all the bones remained in the tree. On the second import (renaming the import to something else), there were no bones at all. On the third import, I found two bone sets in the trunk, and no bones in the tree. However, the second "Bone" is just some kind of little nub that is mis-assigned to the entire tree.

    On the fourth and fifth efforts, I made sure I had only a five-bone skeleton for the trunk, and no other bones. I saved this tree out under a different name, and reloaded it twice into Speedtree to make sure that it was 'clean." Then, for the fourth and fifth exports of this mesh for Maya, the Maya imports show only that one little nub for a skeleton. That little nub is somehow assigned to the entire tree, and behaves quite poorly/erratically in Maya.

    I tried replacing the Version 7.0.4 scripts with the earlier Version 7 scripts - same behavior.

    Thanks for you attention and help with this matter.
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    Even with all the bones included everywhere save for the twigs and leaves, that little stray nub appears at the base of the tree and is misassigned to the entire tree, basically ruining everything.