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Alembic export fail linux

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  • Alembic export fail linux

    Hi Speedtreers

    I am running version 7.0.5 in linux and when I go to export the assets with wind using the Alembic format, the export fails leaving just a 1k ghost file. The FBX format works, but is not very efficient when you replace the leaves with higher resolution geo more suited to Arnold renderer.

    Is this a Known bug? If so is there a workaround which does not involve caching the assets out twice, using huge amounts of disk space.

    I look forward you your response, thanks, Ian

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    Please don't spam your questions in multiple places.

    I just did some testing and I am running into some problems exporting Alembic in linux in 7.0.5. I will need to look into it a bit further to see what is going wrong.


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      It looks like something went amiss when 7.0.5 was packaged up. Try this file. Uncompress it in the exporters directory, replacing your current Alembic exporter.

      Hopefully this will fix it for you, and I can make sure to get the next release correct.
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        That did the trick, thank you very much.