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Texture Atlas's with Speedtree and UE4

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  • Texture Atlas's with Speedtree and UE4

    In my office tonight we were watching Matt Canei's Speedtree/UE4 Twitch stream. We asked him about Texture Atlas's as from our initial investigation tree's have a pretty expensive hit in the material department regarding UE4. He didn't know but also sounded his concern for the lack of Texture Atlas's.

    Any plans on bringing back Texture Atlas's?

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    They never left. When the tree is saved from the UE4 Modeler, it calls the compiler in the background to make atlases, make billboard atlases, and optimize the tree for runtime. It is all automatic.

    If you want better control over the atlas that is made, however, like resizing textures to pack them in better, you can still run the Compiler directly.

    Hope this helps