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    Recently I've seen a tutorial from the speedTree youtube channel called, SpeedTree FBX For Maya .

    In speed tree modeler 7.07, I export the exact palm tree ( the default one) and opened in maya 2015 sp4 to see what happens and cope with the tutorial.

    but a few problem occured.
    (the FBX export presets , It should be Y up but It is Z up.
    the Palm_Full.fbx file located in installation drive, samples folder, looks fine when importin in maya using regular FBX ( not speetTree fbx imprter). but cache file is applied prior to the skin cluster, so the animating joints occur after the cache is finished. in the tutorial It says, speedTree importer has advantage of having both ,cache and skincluster, at same time. )

    - with FBX/MC there is no skinning applied ( skin cluster is there ) . just bones .. winds works fine
    - with FBX/PC2 there is no animation, but very poor skinning.
    - with FBX/MD there is no animation, very poor skinning.

    on the other hand, there is no such thing as "SpeedTreeFbx" nodes anymore... and this old tutorial is useless somehow.
    ( can we still bake speedTree shader ? so that we can use Arnold for rendering it)

    thank you in advance
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    MDD isn't a supported format for FBX, so it's not hooked up automatically at import time. MDD is mostly used in programs that can't use FBX point caches because it's an easy format to parse. We have a few customers using MDD in Houdini as well, I believe.

    PC2 isn't used much anymore, and support for it isn't great. You may have to fiddle with settings to get it to work right.

    MC is the standard format for FBX point caches. But you are correct, the FBX importer for Maya puts the cache after the deformer. You need to switch those around in order for you to have both.

    But yes, that tutorial is somewhat out of date. The import scripts are a little different now. We don't have a script to set up the materials for Arnold, but I don't expect you'll have too much trouble.


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      thank you

      what about the features of the speedTree FBX for MentalRay (or Vray) compared to old SpeedTreeFBX node?
      and baking?

      Ps: batch render crashes or renders nothing with speedTree FBX MentalRay. but single frame rendering is fine.
      is this related to the plugin itself?
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