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Feature request: Arbitrary template saving location.

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  • Feature request: Arbitrary template saving location.

    Currently we have to save templates "in the ÔÇ£TemplatesÔÇØ folder located in the application's installation folder." as according to the documentation.
    I find that inconvenient at best for the following reasons:

    ÔÇóIt mixes user data with system data. System-discs are rarely subjected to the same strict backup schedules as are work/user data. i.e. backups might fall in between the cracks. (Most companies don't backup user's system discs at all, data is meant to be saved on their intranet servers).
    ÔÇóIt makes any saved user-built templates susceptible to version upgrades of the application, necessitating relocating the the saved templates whenever a new version is installed.
    ÔÇóThis system is also incompatible when running multiple versions of SpeedTree side by side.

    I'd much rather we could point SpeedTree to folder of choice on the users data-disks or network location. This keeps all work files/data in one place and avoids all the pitfalls listed above.


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    Templates are in the application directory the same as all the other app data. You can save your own templates in the app directory, of course, but we hadn't really thought people would do that frequently. Maybe a template or two here and there. That's why there isn't a whole system around them. You're the first we've heard of frequent use.

    How many templates have you made, out of curiosity?

    Have you considered just making "template" SPM files for your artists' use? They open one of those up, edit it how they need, and save out to the final tree. That's superior to the built-in templates because the SPM files can include assets (meshes, textures, etc), forces, tree generator edits, and even node edits. You wouldn't be able to mix and match them as easily, but you can still copy and paste generators between open documents.


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      Hi Greg, thank you for the quick reply.

      so I'm the first one eh? Yay! Well, I haven't really used them as much as I would like exactly because of the reasons I mentioned, relying mostly on .spm files opened up in tabs.
      The reason I'm interested in storing templates is that I would like my own templates to largely replace the default ones that come with SpeedTree. Many of the preset values don't work well for me and the type of trees I try to create. As a result I find myself constantly having to change a lot of the properties (turning off Optimization, Level of Detail, Segments, Triangles-->Quads, etc.) before I can start shaping the tree. Ideally I'd like to build up a bit of a template library for various species and their parts.