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Bug - Missing Geo on Generation Frames

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  • Bug - Missing Geo on Generation Frames

    I added a Planar Force to a set of branches (level 1, 2, and 3) and noticed that some branches were missing but leaves were still growing from them. I then looked at the Frames for the branches, they were still there but without any geometry. When I removed the Force the Frames were still missing geometry.

    I expect Forces not to disable geometry on frames.

    I'm running SpeedTree version 6.1.2 (Games Edition Eval)
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    The geometry is probably being removed by the LOD system (it's possible to LOD out tree parts even at the highest LOD as a means of polygonal detail control). Take a look at the "Level of Detail:Branch volume threshold" property of the lowest level generator that is displaying this effect. I suspect either the value or the curves are causing a certain percentage to go away (applying the force could have changed the shape enough to trigger its removal).

    Feel free to post the tree model here (we don't like library trees posted but this one looks pretty harmless) if you'd like us to take a look at it.


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      That was it. Thank you.