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Export node selections and Splines anomaly

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  • Export node selections and Splines anomaly

    Hi there,

    when I node select one parent branch, and choose 'Export selected as mesh...' the resulting .FBX file indeed holds the polygon geometry of that branch, with all of its children attached. However, when I elect to include 'Spines' in the export, I only get the spines of the selected parent branch, but not those of its children. It would be preferable if there was parity there and all child spines got included too.

    Likewise, it could be useful to have an option to export Parent+children or Parent only when node selections are active.


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    Depending on the version you're using, we had some bugs in export selected where it was including too much. We've since fixed most of that and it will be out soon. But I'll log to look into your specific issue.

    You can select a parent and all its children by selecting the node, then right click and choose select->descendents. Then use export selected on that selection.


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      Terrific! Didn't know about that right click select descendants option. Works perfect! Got all the necessary spines now inside Maya.

      Thanks Greg!

      (Using v7.07 Studio Edition)