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Feature request: Space Colonisation

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  • Feature request: Space Colonisation

    Okay, this one might be a huge, scary, difficult request, but... it's an important one.

    Arguably the most time I spend on building trees is to make sure that the myriad of branches don't converge into many tangled up clumps with lots of intersections, and ultimately unconvincing results. The more branches and twigs you add, the bigger the problem becomes and the longer it takes to sort it out. The best way to do this of course is via node-editing and moving branches around. But this can take ages and means you no longer can tweak the procedural properties on the generators themselves outside of node-editing mode. Plus I've noticed a significant increase in file-size and saving times associated with profuse node-edits.
    Right now I'm trying to build an ancient conifer who's branches, according to my photographic reference, are closely spaced together and interspersed with many smaller short branches (new, young growth). I've got generators for the long branches, and other generators for the short, stubby branches, just so I can tweak their looks individually. The problem here is that about 40-50% of the time, the two generators end up planting their branches way too close to, or even on top of each other, no matter the random-seed or Generation settings. There's always some overlap somewhere. Not something you'd see happen in nature.
    So yeah... my number 1 SpeedTree request. Sorry... it's a tough one, I know.