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Collision objects on Unity SpeedTree are a bit voluminous

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  • Collision objects on Unity SpeedTree are a bit voluminous

    Hey guys, got a bunch of trees for unity and they look great.

    One request: it would be nice if the collision objects included with the trees in the store were a little bit closer to the tree's trunk; they're a bit big. It seems like SpeedTree SPM objects in Unity are locked and you're unable to add any other components to them, so it seems like creating collision objects in the SpeedTree modeler is the only way to go?

    (I guess you could possibly add a collision object as a completely separate game object, but then you'd have to group the SPM tree and the collider into a prefab or something and it's kind of inconvenient.)

    Also, for smaller ground coverage types like Azalea, I don't know if they should even have colliders. I threw a couple Azalea in a scene and I was surprised to find they are hard as a rock, and the size of a small boulder. Azalea collider is so big that a first person controller can't get over it

    I have a modeler subscription so I can deal with it, but for people who don't pay for modeler, they might have some issues if they buy the trees and are expecting a no-hastle drag+drop tree (which IMO, for the price of them, is how they should be).

    ANyways, here's an example of what I mean - shooting bullets and they're colliding pretty far from a tree:

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    We'll look at the collision objects to see if we can improve them. Thanks for the report.


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      BTW, the SpeedTree assets are locked because they are imported as prefabs. But you can edit it into a new prefab. Put one in the scene, edit the collision objects however you want (or even remove them all and add a mesh collider component to the highest LOD), then drag it back down to the assets to save it as a new prefab you can populate on a terrain, etc.