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Problem inporting trees into UDK No leaf bilboards

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  • Problem inporting trees into UDK No leaf bilboards

    I'm using the version of Speedtree that came with the 08/2014 version of UDK, which says it's 5.0.2.

    When I create a tree, compile it and try to import it into UDK, it shows up without any leaf cards. Basically, it looks like a leafless tree. The textures are there, just not the cards. The sample tree's have them.

    I've seen a few people report this problem, but am yet to see a solution being offered.

    Clearly I'm missing a setting somewhere.
    please help.

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    In UDK/UE3, you are restricted to one material per geometry type. You most likely are going beyond that. The easiest way to ensure this is to delete all but one of the color sets, and then apply that color set to all the materials in the tree. Color set info isn't used in UDK/UE3 anyway. Once you do this, I bet your tree will come in correctly.


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      I may have explained that badly.

      A sample tree from UDK: (I removed the materials that had been attached in UDK so it looks like mine)

      My tree that I tried to import. Only one material attached to it in Speedtree:


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        Look at it in wireframe. The geometry may be there but is backface culled. Make sure your leaf material is two sided.


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          Nope, looks no different in wireframe in UDK.