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wind animation stop always at frame 120 in FBX output

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  • wind animation stop always at frame 120 in FBX output

    I am recently working in speed tree, when I export the fbx with wind animation, it always stop at frame ar 120.
    No matter what FPS and duration(longer than 120 of course) I have set , and even I reduce the tree model to a simple trunk with primary branches, it will always stop at 120 frame around.

    the speed tree version is v7.1.1

    As I am doing a loop animation with 60 fps , it bothering me as i can only generate a 2 second loop and it is not enough for me at all.

    Another people share the same experience? or any hints telling me just how stupid I am?

    thx and cheer~

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    If you are using the trial version, it limits exports to around 100 frames.

    Other than that, be sure you are using the MCX format instead of MCC in the export dialog. MCX is the newer one, and is 64bit. If your point caches are getting too big, MCC will sometimes just stop like that as you hit 2GB.


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      thx yr response,
      my fbx size is 40.5 mb only and it is not a trial

      I have change
      the duration : 38 s
      fps: 60
      pre-row :1s

      now the wind hold to 360 frame (total cache 2279frame)
      I am not sure is it about FPS setting

      and where can i change the MCX and MCC format? somewhere in the fbx export manual?



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        now i trying:
        per frame fbx
        38 second
        60 fps
        pre-row 1second

        now it give me 900 frame wind animation

        change to per frame fbx seems means something
        and it similar to 38s x 24fps =912 frame
        so I am wondering is this the FPS option in FBX export is practically working?



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          Yes now i am quite sure that the fps setting of my speedtree fbx export is not working for the wind animation.
          it only extend the total frame, but the wind animation dun follow it and still run in 24 fps.

          Is there a bug or anything else I miss and doing wrong?
          thx and cheer~


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            Yes, the total number of frames exported will be length*fps. And the wind will be computed in that fps.

            If you are importing into Maya, it is most likely resampling the animation into your scene's working fps. That can sometimes cause unwanted changes.

            But other than that, I am not really sure what is going wrong for you.


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              yes my problem now is the wind doesn't computed in the given fps (60) but computed in fps 24