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Alembic Ogawa export with wind, not valid?

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  • Alembic Ogawa export with wind, not valid?

    Hi, I was trying to export a tree using ST v8.1.0 Cinema Edition as Alembic in Ogawa format with wind. The file is unreadable in Maya 2016.

    As a test I loaded up the Sample Broadleaf and did several exports, all with the intention of importing them into Maya 2016 SP6 using AbcImport v1.0 plugin using Alembic 1.5.4.

    -Ogawa without wind imports into Maya 2016.
    -Ogawa with wind will not import, Maya says it's not a valid Alembic file.
    -HDF5 with wind imports into Maya 2016.

    The frustrating part here is that Ogawa is the default format for Alembic export from ST, so it took some time to track this down. Any ideas?

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    On what platform are you doing these exports? Windows?

    Ogawa is the newer, faster format used in Alembic. In most cases, it works very well. However, we know of a bug in Ogawa where it doesn't work well with large files on Windows (>2GB I think). In these cases, you should use HDF5.

    Does that sound like what you are experiencing? If so, sorry for any inconvenience


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      Hi Greg,
      Thank you for the speedy reply. I should have mentioned:

      -On Windows 7 Pro
      -5 seconds of export @ 24 fps for 120 total frames.

      That puts the output file size right around 2GB. In my case HDF5 should be fine.