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Texture Atlas changes with minor tree modifications

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  • Texture Atlas changes with minor tree modifications


    I've used v7 quite a bit and I'm really enjoying v8 although still getting used to the new way of doing things. The export functions are very nice but I'm struggling with the Texture Atlas. Let me try to explain the issue.

    In v7 I could create an atlas of branches/leaf planes that would be generated from the uv unwrap scale factor of all the images that fit that type, and I could then make any number of variants of that type of tree and the atlas would stay the same. In v8 both the material sets, and also just using a material the atlas will change when I do even small modifications like twisting a branch or changing the length of the tree trunk. Leaf planes and other parts of the atlas will shrink a little or be moved into a totally new formation. This makes it impossible to use one texture atlas across multiple trees as I would with v7. I can manage to do this with a few trees that are small in size or have less materials in them but larger trees will adjust the atlas on minor changes. An example is the Broadleaf that will change, while the Dogwood seems to stay consistent across variations.

    I am assuming that on top of the uv unwrapping scale there is some form of a factor being applied based on amount of leaf planes represented or relative size to parent that changes with tree manipulation perhaps?

    Am I missing something in the settings or tree setup that causes or limits this behaviour? If not then would it be possible to introduce an option to turn off this dynamic factoring and return the atlas to more of a v7 approach where it is based solely on uv unwrap scale settings of all the images? Or perhaps an option to "lock" changes to a texture as long as no new materials are introduced?

    Its really vital to good performance in large outdoor scenes to minimize the number of texture lookups and extra materials used by the engine.

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    Here is a quick example of what I'm referring to, using the Broadleaf tree example tree and the randomize button.


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      Have you tried the "Combine all open models into the same atlas" feature?
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        I tried to use that before but was finding that it was creating a lot of repetitive leaf planes inside the map, but thinking about this again with a clear head today I might know what that was the case so I'm going to take a look at that option again.


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          With some careful tweaking I think I can make that work, I still get a bit of variation and some odd cases where a map gets produced outside of the atlas, and billboards that adjust at times but I have been able to tweak things until I get the maps to settle into place and line up or not produce the extra maps.