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  • Custom Export Names

    It would really great if we could put our own Prefix and Suffix into the file name that is generated by the Exporter, due to length of path issues we have our own naming conventions and currently I have to rename everything over before using it which is a bit of a pain when you are doing a number of variations. Not a big deal but would be a great time saver to be able to do this in the future. It also helps with avoid naming mistakes that happen with repetitive actions.

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    With regular mesh export, the names can't be changed (currently).

    However, from your other posts it looks like you are doing game exports. The names of these textures are controlled by the texture packer you have chosen. Look in <install>/texture_packing and you will see the various texture packing options you have in the export dialog (if you are using UE4, there will be only one in there). Edit the .xml file to change the suffixes on the files.

    Hope this helps


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      Thanks that definitely helps, to eliminate part of the work, all I have to worry about now is the prefix part.