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Atlas get UE4 exported blank

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  • Atlas get UE4 exported blank

    Having issues to export trees out of the SpeedTree v8.1.4 editor, using Export to UE4 button. If using non-wrapping or everything setting for Atlas, the generated atlas is empty. Grey box for color and normal texture have no data. Tried with Norway Spruce pack (heros and one of the desktop) and Birch Hero Forest. And as of course if importing that to UE4, only the bark shows, rest is black/grey without masks. If using Atlas setting None, the trees look normal in UE4, but thats not suitable option with optimization in mind.

    i7 5820K, 32Gb Ram, GTX1080ti, Win10 64bit, SSD.

    EDIT: Nevermind. Seems like HDR was conflicting. Working now great.
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