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Speedtree for UE4 8.1.4, crash on dynamic lod calculation, with storebought assets.

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  • Speedtree for UE4 8.1.4, crash on dynamic lod calculation, with storebought assets.

    Hello there, I've been having some issues with the 8.1.4 release of the Speedtree modeler.
    It's the only version of v8 that I've tried so far, so I do not know if this previously worked on older versions.
    I saw a mention of someone else having a similar problem on the forums a few weeks back, but saw no solution there.

    When trying to generate/calculate dynamic LODs on Speedtreev7 Games models, Speedtree just crashes on attempting to change LOD level.
    ( Steps: Enable dynamic LOD, set to 2-3 LOD levels. Switch from LOD 0 to LOD 1, crashes after a second or so.)
    This happens both if I use the old v7 generators on a model, or if I upgrade them.

    I've been able to replicate this on multiple models I've gotten from the store. ( Though not on any of the built in v8 assets that came with the program.) Trying it on any of the Barrel Cactus Desktop models results in a crash. Cherry_Blossoms_Hero for example, also results in a crash. ( As does any other model I try. )

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    Thanks for the report. We're seeing the crash as well and it will be fixed in the next release. Is it possible you only upgraded some of the generators but still had old ones present in the model for the other test? We're not seeing crashes on models composed entirely of new generators.


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      This problem plagues me from time to time. I am using v7.1.6. I typically find that the crash is caused by either a single (or multiple) branch node(s) that I have converted to hand drawn, but this is not always the case.

      I use the following workaround:

      1) Enable Level of Detail under Tree Properties. After doing this... DO NOT ADJUST THE SLIDER IN THE VIEWPORT... THIS WILL CAUSE A CRASH

      2) Select a Branch Node

      3) In the Properties Editor, select LOD

      4) Under the Level of Detail header, adjust the Optimization slider up or down (by default it is set to .4, so set it to any value other than .4)

      5) Rinse and Repeat for each branch node

      6) Adjust the LOD slider in the viewport and the problem should go away.

      If this does not work, contact an Speedtree Administrator

      Hope this helps.


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        is this fixed yet, whats the current good version of EU 8?


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          I'm having the same issue with SpeedTree Modeler v8.1.5 (Games Edition).

          Something else not mentioned that is important to note - Any legacy files that already had LODs set up, load without them in version 8. Then, if you try to generate new ones and use the slider, you get the crashes mentioned above. Can't win. Unfortunately, I can't get treehugger's workaround to work for me.

          This is really frustrating since our company has A LOT of existing ST assets we're trying to reuse and upgrade with new features. What's the word, Michael Sechrest ? Any news?


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            The current official release (8.2.0) has most of these issues fixed (but introduced a bug in the ugrade process). I believe 8.2.1 has all of them fixed and 8.2.1 is being readied for release right now. I checked the models in the original post and they worked as intended in the new release. Sorry for the trouble!


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              Thanks for the reply, Michael Sechrest. I hope the release comes soon.


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                Good day, Michael Sechrest.

                When I try to export to UE4, I select the 'Combine all open models into the same atlas', then the program immediately crashes.
                v8.3.0 Modeler UE4
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                  This is a known bug that has been fixed. The fix will be included in the next build.

                  Thanks for letting us know!