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Feature Request: Average Billboard altas size

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  • Feature Request: Average Billboard altas size

    In Speedtree Compiler v6, no matter what option in Billboard Algorithm selected (Similar/variety size), the billboard always use internal tree scaler to arrange the tree billboards, for example, if I want to compile about 15 trees, only one trees I used size scaler in Modeler to make it very big(say, 5-8), then when opened in compiler, this trees billboard atlas always use about 70% Billboard texture, and its very hard to make every tree to suite our need without use the size scaler in modeler.

    Is it possible to add another option to the billboards Algorithm, to make all trees' billboard the exact same for every tree? I know this might cause another problem which is very big trees using small billboard, and small trees wasted some billboard texture. But I think some of Speedtree Games users might need this as I need it.

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    On the tree, you can set the "Billboards:Size scalar" property to scale it up or down relative to the other billboards.

    However, 15 trees in one atlas? Even with a 4096 map, each billboard will be pretty small (and thus low quality). We usually only put a few trees in each atlas, or even just one tree. If you download the sample source art, you can open the Compiler settings for the plantation scene. You will see we grouped the trees by shared textures and sometimes by type (like grass).