I have a couple of features that I think would be a huge benefit to the cutout tool. Here they are:
  • Zoom function - Would be really nice if you could zoom in to be able to be more precise in the creation of your cutout. Especially when working with atlases it becomes very hard at times to see how it looks.
  • Change triangulation - In some cases it triangulates the cutout in a non preferable way. If we could change this it would be really nice.
  • Remove Points and Pivot Marker - At the moment the Pivot Marker is blocking the ability to remove/move any points that are behind it. A way to get around this would be nice.
  • Load LOD - At the moment the tool only loads the last model you worked on. Would be nice to be able to load any of the High, Med & Low models.
  • Cutout border - So right now you cant go outside of the border with any of your points for the cutouts. Would be really nice if you could do this where I have in some cases not been able to build a nice cutout because of how the atlas I was using was constructed.
  • Copying Cutouts between scenes - So when working on multiple scenes I tend to at a later stage copy over the cutout from one scene to the other. In order for this to work I always have to, after copying it, go into the cutout editor and click one of the model save buttons to have it update it. Would be nice if it just worked.
Let me know if you need any more clarification.