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Instanced leaf matrices are not correct

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  • Instanced leaf matrices are not correct

    Using SpeedTree 8.1.5 on Linux, we created a very simple tree for testing. The instanced leaves do not appear the same in Maya or Katana as they do in SpeedTree itself. The positions are correct, but the rotations and scales are wrong.

    Attached is the SpeedTree file and a Maya scene. The Maya scene has the whole tree exported from SpeedTree as an obj (green shader, correct) and also as an Alembic file with instanced leaves (red, wrong). I put a scale of 0.04 on the pCube shape that's being instanced to the leaf transforms just to be able to see it more clearly. As far as I'm aware, no scaling should be necessary.

    Am I missing something obvious here? Or is this a bug?

    Thanks for taking a look.

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    Yes, sorry, some leaf refs are currently not rotated correctly on export. We have fixed this bug for the next version, which should be out soon.

    The problem existed on the leaf mesh generator. The batched leaf generator did rotate them correctly, so you could switch to that for the time being. Batched leaf is much faster in the modeler if you have many leaves, but you lose the ability to node edit them.


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      Hi, just checking back on this. It looks like 8.1.5 is still the latest version available. Do you have any kind of an ETA for a release that fixes this issue?