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    Hello SpeedTree Developers!

    I am a happy SpeedTree for Unreal Engine 4 user. The one thing that would make me happier though is the ability to revert the values to defaults. Sometimes I tweak the values, then realize that the setting was better off as is, but I cannot put it back to the original position. This would be especially helpful in cases when I return to a tree that I edited a while ago or for the settings that are more obscure and are used less frequently. It would be even better if we could see which values are modified from the default and which ones are not. In Houdini, for instance, the values that have been modified by user are shown in bold. Also please let me know if this feature exists somewhere already.

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    The thing is that there is no real "default" for many parameters. When you add a trunk template, for instance, it is adding a branch generator with parameters set up to be a trunk. The same generators are used when adding the branch template, etc. Many templates actually have multiple generators in them.

    What you can do is add a new template but unconnected to anything, and then copy/paste the parts you wish to "reset" (use the little arrow menu in each property group) to the generators hooked up in your tree.