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FBX plugin/load error Maya 2018.3 Vray for import

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  • FBX plugin/load error Maya 2018.3 Vray for import


    While the MAYA plugin manager shows both the maya FBX (fbxmaya.mll) and SpeedtreeImporter plugins as loaded I get this error when trying to import into maya with the SpeeTree VRAY setting in the options box.

    file -import -type "SpeedTree for V-Ray" -gr -ignoreVersion -ra true -mergeNamespacesOnClash false -namespace "Sapling_Growth" -pr -importFrameRate true -importTimeRange "override" "C:/Users/MF01/Desktop/tree_test/Sapling_Growth.stmat";
    SpeedTree ERROR: FBX plugin is not loaded
    SpeedTree ERROR: Failed to load mesh file [C:/Users/MF01/Desktop/tree_test/Sapling_Growth.fbx]
    // File read in 0.013 seconds. //
    // File read in 0.013 seconds. //
    // Result: C:/Users/MF01/Desktop/tree_test/Sapling_Growth.stmat //

    I am running a fresh install of SpeedTree 8.1.4 Cinema and I'm attempting to export and then import the Sapling_Growth sample tree with the vray material setup in Maya. Is there anything I'm missing?

    Im running Maya 2018.3
    Vray 3.6.03 was added via browse within the plugin manager in Maya and also in the maya.env so its there each time.

    I can manually import the Sapling_Growth.fbx file into Maya without errors but following the documentation and importing the .stmat leaves me with an empty scene and the error above. SpeedTree export settings below.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Editing the to remove lines to display the FBX error (lines 114-119) allowed mesh and maya materials to come in.
    Vray materials would not be created until (thanks to another post from 2014) I switched my Maya prefs to Maya native from OS native.

    Now mesh will import with vray materials in maya 2018.

    My guess is switching to Maya native without editing the script would work too.