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Can't access or edit manually created mesh LODs

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  • Can't access or edit manually created mesh LODs

    SpeedTree v8.1.4 (UE4 Subscription Edition - Beta 4)

    Running into 2 major problems with mesh editing. Not sure if it's a process I'm using or bug in the software.

    The first is an inability to access mesh LODs after they have been created.

    1. Create a new mesh for a leaf cluster or branch.
    2. Click "Edit Mesh".
    3. Build out mesh by dropping mesh points and anchors. Great system BTW!
    4. Click the "Save to High" button.
    5. Remove a few points and anchors to optimize the mesh and click the "Save to Medium" button.
    6. Remove a few more and click the "Save to Low".

    Great, now you have 3 LODs for your manually created mesh.
    BUT, how do I go back and edit any of them if I need to?
    I can't apparently. If I click on the "Show High, Medium, Low" selector menu down under the mesh preview window, I can see the LODs there, but when clicking the "edit Mesh" button, all I can edit is the High LOD.

    The second bug is this: I can also get a file to display the High LOD in the preview window, but when clicking "Edit Mesh", I on;y see the Medium or Low LOD and the high is no longer available or being used on the tree asset. When exporting the file to UE4, I no longer get the high LOD mesh that displays, but is apparently missing and needs to manually be re-created.

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    The cutout editor is instantaneous, so whatever was in there last is what you will see when you reopen. Doesn't matter if it is high or low.

    But the next version (v8.2) will allow you to save/load to any of the LODs whenever you want.


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      Good to hear! Any ETA on the v8.2 release? Thanks.