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Right Click Drag Editor Error

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  • Right Click Drag Editor Error

    SpeedTree v8.1.4 (UE4 Subscription Edition - Beta 4)

    I run into the silly UI bug in SpeedTree all the time, since it's a common user interface feature in other editors.
    If you right click and drag the mouse inside the editor window of SpeedTree, it spams your screen with tens if not hundreds of small editor windows depending on how far you dragged the mouse.
    Then I'm forced to manually left click on the screen to make them go away - one at a time.
    Right click drag is used as a camera translate tool in UE4 and other programs, so it's something I do instinctively by accident but with repercussion in SpeedTree which is just annoying.

    I'm surprised nobody else has this issue?

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    I can't seem to reproduce that. Do you have some sort of mouse driver that could be causing rapid fire clicks or something?


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      Interesting. PC specs are:

      Roccat Kone Pure Mouse - no special mouse drivers, just default Windows driver
      Wacom Tablet
      Dual 2560x1440 Monitors
      Intel i7-8700K 3.7GH
      32 GB RAM