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UE4 SpeedTreeColorVariation does not work with actor rotation

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  • UE4 SpeedTreeColorVariation does not work with actor rotation

    Rotated trees have strange color variations.
    "Per-Vertex Hue Variation"
    UE4 SpeedTreeColorVariation node's tooltip:
    "Adds a color variation per object/instance"
    So, how can I get per-vertex hue variation?
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    The SpeedTreeColorVariation node uses object position (or the per-instance random value for foliage) to create the random color it adds to the tree. If you move the tree, it will change. It will also change some if you rotate the tree, due to small changes in the position that occur when you rotate in the UE4 editor. Trees don't usually move, so in most cases it is fine. If you *do* need to move your trees, then don't use the color variation node in the material.

    But you are correct that it currently does not do per-vertex color variation. That effect is very subtle, and UE4 didn't benefit a whole lot from it. But you could add it... SpeedTreeColorVariation is a material function, so if you double-click that node, it will open for you to see and edit. If you add an additional piece to the color computation that uses the vertex world position, you'll get it doing that. You might want to add an input scalar for each component of the random color separately, to give you better control.