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Unreal Modeller (Subscription) issues

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  • Unreal Modeller (Subscription) issues

    Hi Everyone
    Novice user here, we only bought the Unreal modeller subscription yesterday.

    I am running into some issues
    1: The moddleer is not saving SRT files for Unreal when I create my own trees.
    2: When downloading Free content it only says it can be opened for the Unity modeller.
    3: The compiler for UE4 crashes when trying to export, no matter if it's sample content or my own tree

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    Hi Mike,

    1. What version of the modeler are you running? For the newest version 8, you should see .st files exported directly into your Ue4 project. SpeedTrees can be exported with up to 3 LODs and a compatible wind for use inside Ue4. If you're in SpeedTree 7 for Ue4 could you let us know the version of Ue4.

    2. Your download comes with two zips. One for unity and one for UE4. Will you double check and make sure you unzipped the correct folder? I'm seeing the correct files up online.

    3. I just want to clarify here...are you trying to use the compiler on a tree made in Speedtree 8 possibly?


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      I am using Speed tree modeller for UE4, the about dialogue says it's version 7.1.7, I got the link to it from the Speed tree store for our UE4 Speed tree subscription.

      We are using UE 4.20.

      But I haven't even tried to import anything into UE4 because I am not getting an SRT file when I make a custom tree.

      That link you sent, I can export meshes, the only two options are "Tree image" and "Export material"

      For a newbie the program is a little overwhelming, a lot of different tutorials for different versions so I am a little confused


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        Any updates?


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          Figured it out, there was a second download today for the speedtree 8 version, that exports to Unreal, testing now