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Speedtree Cinema 8 - V-ray imports into max as standard material

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  • Speedtree Cinema 8 - V-ray imports into max as standard material

    The built in script with Speedtree 8 Cinema does not properly import in my stm file - So I export a tree out of speedtree to fbx and then in 3ds max I have the script that comes w/ speetree as a startup script - I click the button Import for V-ray - and the tree imports and applies a standard material instead of a ompletely set up v-ray mtl. Does this have something to do with the way I'm exporting or how I'm importing the file? I had this working previously. Is it possibly 3ds max fbx import settings? I cannot think of anything else that I've changed.

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    So it was working before? Are there any messages printed in the log indicating what the error might be? Which version of Max are you using?

    One thing to try is that we're always improving the import scripts. I'm not 100% sure we fixed any bugs in Max/Vray, but I am including the script which will be included with v8.2 just to see if it helps you out with any bugs.

    Hope this helps

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      Thanks for the quick reply. Okay so it appears Max 2016 works flawlessly but Max 2018 fails miserably. No errors are thrown - the tree comes in fine & the material builds but it's standard instead of v-ray in 2018.


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        Are you sure you have vray installed in both 2016 and 2018? You'll probably also want to switch to the vray renderer before using our script to import for vray, just to be sure it's all loaded and ready.


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          Yes V-ray is installed & loaded - renders work fine in 2016 & 2018 for v-ray. It may have something to do with the way max is importing .fbx files in 2018. I tried that new script you attached but the result was the same.