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UI Suggestions: Docking windows & draggin viewport out

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  • UI Suggestions: Docking windows & draggin viewport out

    New version of SpeedTree shrinked my viewport window even more. Panels on the right side are wider and upper shelf have no place anymore to be single row, so its thicker (two rows), shrinking viewport even more.

    First suggestion then, is docking windows together on second screen which would allow people working on small screens (like mine 1920x1080, uh) in a way of having panels on the another screen. I would do that, if they would stack together, like they do on primary screen, within SpeedTree window.

    Second thing very welcome, is possibility to drag project window on another screen, like for example in Photoshop. Thats would solve issue of small viewport as well as facilitate working on two variation of the same project and comparing them.

    Bets regards,