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  • SoniaPiasecki
    Hi Artur,

    You can go to a Material, copy and paste it into a new Material or you can just duplicate the material and rename it. In both situations, you'd have to assign a different mesh if you don't want to use the mesh the previous Material was using. Or you coud just create a new mesh. In any situation, this wil force the recalculation of the leaves because they are changing. You can also just duplicate a mesh and remove the anchors and assign that mesh to the new material. I am not quiet sure where the problem is, would you mind explaining it some more?


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  • ArturPerzyna
    started a topic Copy texture parameters

    Copy texture parameters


    To atlas properly it is required to have the same materials across project and open projects.

    There are situations when it's not advised to copy and paste materials, because of different meshes related to them, of which same have and some have not anchors (not supported having anchors on imported from fbx meshes!). Reassigning mesh after pasting materials still leaves regenerated leaf meshes asigned to anchors.
    Making long story short.
    Where is option to copy and paste textures with all of their parameters? Cmon