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European plants for Unity

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  • European plants for Unity

    Can you please release more European plants / flowers for Unity?
    I love how you have been able to release models with such little triangle count, I only wish there were more models to purchase.
    Thank you.

    Here is a screenshot of all plants that I would need.
    I have been able to identify some of them by a plant-lovers-forum, but I guess the SpeedTree people are even more advanced:
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    Hi there,

    We are consistently growing our collection. We will add your suggestions to our list of possible trees and plants to design for sale.

    Thank you.



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      I was so unnerved because your forum didn't allow bigger screenshots. I figure you have chosen plants / trees on your own already.
      Thanks for them in advance. I would like to see them on the Asset Store.

      Lark, oak, birch, fir tree.

      They don't exist, or they don't exist in an European style. What I have seen is too far away from their European versions.

      Not to mention the beautiful European plants. I would also purchase them right away.

      Also, what are you currently working on, if I may ask? There weren't any contributions to the Unity Asset Store lately.
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        Hey there,

        We've got several models in the line up. We've got a load of ground cover plants that will be hitting the store soon. Recently we released the Kapok tree to the Unity Asset Store and just yesterday the Date Palm. And again, thanks for your suggestion. We'll try to get some more European trees in the mix. Keep checking back!



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          I am also looking for Epilobium angustifolium.
          Nice pice you have there.

          Also, some very young fir trees would be nice.
          I'm not sure why there are only older fir trees available.

          Thanks in advance.