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SpeedTree Export to UE4 NO LEAVES Problem

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  • SpeedTree Export to UE4 NO LEAVES Problem

    Hi =)

    I have already done a post in another area and hope to get more answers and attention here.

    My problem is when I export a tree in the UE4 and import it in it ..there are missing very often and in most cases, the leaves. either I have no leaves or I have only a few ones.
    very rarely do trees work perfectly but most of them do not have leaves every time.

    Can someone help me there?
    I made everything exactly the same as in the official tutorial of speedtree where they show how to export in UE4.
    All Settings are Correct but my problem still remains..
    Hope u can help me guys

    Much Regarts Cap

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    Would you mind doing a 'Save as with Assets' into a new folder, zip it and send it to [email protected]? This way we can see if encounter the same issue.


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      For Sure

      But is this the Same?
      Im not shure about it because this is a complete different way and maybe the problem is in the export to ue4 option/programmscript.

      The "Save as with Assets" Folder is round about 14MB
      The "Export to UE4" Folder with the same Tree is 174MB

      Ur shure u need the "Save as with Assets" Folder ?
      I put u all two in one .rar file

      The Mail is out =)