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SpeedTree for unity and RenderPipeline

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    SoniaPiasecki Hello, did your team found something ? We havent heard from since


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      Unfortunately we have been swamped with work and haven't been able to spend time on this particular issue. We will be sure to post once we do.

      Thank you for your patience!


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        SoniaPiasecki Any updates on this subject and can we expect a roadmap at this moment. especially for the lightweight render pipeline.


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          We are still working on this, however, you can follow the set-up steps for the HDRP pipeline by switching to the Standard shader and then changing to the LWRP.

          Sorry I don't have better news!


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            Hello SoniaPiasecki

            We put HDRP aside for a moment and now Im trying with the new version. The flickering bug is different now, its affecting the whole screen, it turns black when a normal map is plugged in the lit material.

            Do you have any update on the official support of speedTree in HDRP now that its getting closer to official release?


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              Hey Julinoleum : are you still using Unity 2018.3.6f1 and the settings you've sent previously? I'd like to try to replicate the issue you're having but want to be sure I have all the information I need to accurately test it.
              (There is a possibility this is an issue related to a graphics card but I'd like to test before coming to any conclusions.)

              As to your second question: we are working towards a solution with Unity and, as a result of the collaborative effort, we cannot give a guesstimate as to when a stable solution will be available. Currently we are waiting on further developments to contribute to.


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                KatLeeHong Hi,

                No, right now im on 2019.3 with the latest HDRP.

                the flickering happen when you apply a normal on a trunk. I tried on leaves and it was okay. Following that, I tried different normal maps and on different trees and it all caused the same issue.


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                  Will there be support for global illumination and SSS inside speedtree 8 shaders for the Universal Render Pipeline? As the shaders are already working I can't really use them because of the impossible to work with lighting conditions.


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                    We have been able to work around the flickering problem with a custom shader but for some reason, the problem only happen on roots and branches. Depending of the shader, we get either a black screen that take all the screens when we navigate near the tree or a strange pattern of topology like in this screenshot:

                    Click image for larger version

Name:	Clipboard - 4 d
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ID:	7880

                    When we get rid of the branches and root, the trunk is okay and the problem is gone.