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Please make the Subscription Bonus Content v8

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  • Please make the Subscription Bonus Content v8

    Now that v8 is even available for Unity it would be really nice if the subscribtion bonus content had the quality of v8. Thank you very much for the consideration!

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    I second that opinion. I have been a loyal customer for years, and waited patiently for the Unity upgrade. Unity is by far the most popular widely used game engine right now for developers, however it took the longest for Unity subscribers to get the upgrade. I think it would be fair to at least give Unity subscribers access to the same V8 trees that UE4 subscribers have access to. Thank you for considering this.


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      Hey guys Seen and heard! Just wanted to clear up a small confusion about the bonus content assets. The ue4 subscribers have still been receiving our v7 assets/ the same as unity users. The v7 assets and v8 assets are different models and not just upgrades of the old ones. We will eventually start to offer v8 assets to our subscribers as monthly content.

      For now, if you're looking for v8 Unity trees the new library can be found here: