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Speedtree Cinema 8.3 photogrammetry questions

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  • Speedtree Cinema 8.3 photogrammetry questions


    Im using 8.3 trying out the photogrammetry tools and I have a few questions. It might just be Im using it wrong and I did try to find solutions online before posting here.

    First issue I have is when generating a stitch/branch from the imported mesh. When using "blend with texture band" after the node is placed correctly (green) and the band texture appears it covers the whole viewport so I cant see the model any more. I was looking for options about that texture preview but I couldnt find any.Im not sure is this a bug or it can be adjusted in some way

    next question is regarding the axis orientation when adding the stitch/branch geometry. It seems to be always pointing up in world coordinates.see attached image.
    I was looking for an option where the branch axis would be oriented perpendicular to the stitch node circle.Is that possible? if not would be a cool option

    next one is more a feature request. as I understand the current workflow once the stitch node is placed and branch generated as soon as you introduce lets say lathe noise variation to the branch spine the stitch is gone. It would be great if it would be possible to avoid this by having a no influence zone the same size the stitch node height is. in short something to prevent the stitch from resetting when branch variations and details are added. maybe thats already possible?



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    The reason your texture blending region is so tall is because it's height is based off of how high the blending band is. You will notice that as you adjust the 'Blend Region' -> 'Height', that the height of that display window will change as well. You can either make the region shorter or disable the 'Blend Region' -> 'Show' check box once you get a blend you like. Also, once you export the blended texture and assign it to the band, it won't show that window.

    As for changing the axis, no, that isn't a possibility at the moment. I can log this for our developers to see though.

    As for the 'Noise' and 'Displacement' not affecting the stitch, we don't have anything automatic but you can use a profile curve on all the Displacement and Noise values to force it to zero near the spot on the branch where the stitch is. \

    Hope this helps!


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      Hi Sonia,

      thanks on the input.It helps a lot.

      When using the lathe noise on the spine of the generated branch the stitch disappears so I thought I could get it back by adjusting the position but thats not working.
      Even tho I had a stitch in place before now I cannot get it back in any way. I also limited the noise to not affect the root of the branch so its position is practically the same as without noise but jet the stitch doesnt show no matter what I do.

      If I delete it and add a new one I get it working but when adjusting it vanishes again and I cant get it back. I cant understand what Im doing wrong here.Any more tips ?




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        Do you mind sending me the model? Just do a 'Save as with assets' into a new folder, zip that folder and e-mail it to [email protected]
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          To keep the thread informative here is what I was doing wrong and Sonia pointed out after I sent the file.
          To limit the spine noise I was using the green curve where I was supposed to use the blue one. Inserting a step on the curve and leaving the left side on 0 prevents the noise from influencing the start of the branch near the band stitch so the stitch remains in place when modifying the spine noise.
          Thanks on the fast help Sonia

          Now Im having great fun and finally some nice results.Here are some of my first olive trees.I have plenty of trunks done with photogrammetry that need branches and leaves now.