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  • Export mesh variations

    One of the great features of SpeedTree is Randomize. Once I'm done with a tree, I can get different variations of the same tree by clicking randomize, BUT:
    - I have to export one by one (seriously?)
    - I loose my original when I click Randomize (what? I've spent all that time and it's gone)

    SpeedTree needs "Export Mesh Variations" just like Export mesh in the file menu, I get to set the number of variations, and get the option to see and choose before exporting (clicking next and pushing to export list), but I don't have to do that, I can ignore this step of choosing (it's an option) and simply ask for the number of variations to be exported.
    Of course I shouldn't loose my original, and the list of my variations is saved, so I can reopen a variation anytime.
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    I will log this for our developers to see, however, in the mean time I would suggest saving the original before randomizing the model. The reason we currently don't automatically export random variations is because sometime the model may need tweaking before it is exported.

    Thank you for your suggestions!


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      I can only agree to that. Take a look at the Substance integration into Unity. It is awesome and such a time saver. But even if speedtree is not directly integrated, creating trees is fast, but exporting them to Unity requies too much manual interaction which could be automated.


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        Originally posted by SoniaPiasecki View Post

        sometime the model may need tweaking before it is exported.

        Thank you for your suggestions!
        Exactly, sometimes. The other times not. And who decides? the user.
        I didn't say replace "export mesh" by "export mesh variations". I said add. And in that export variation I get the option to choose which random ones I include in the export. At the very end of the day, it's the user's choice.
        At this very moment, like now now, I'm trying to export 60 variations of the same tree for a forest, do you know how much fun it is?
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