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Export issues in FBX vs OBJ - Missing polygons

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  • Export issues in FBX vs OBJ - Missing polygons


    I'm experiencing discrepancies beween fbx and obj import/export, resulting in missing polygons in a tree from a fbx file. Here is an image to show the problem :

    Click image for larger version

Name:	SpeedTree_fbx_vs_obj.jpg
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    When I'm importing the fbx file, I get a warning message :
    The plug-in has detected mesh nodes containing polygons with overlapping vertices.The following objects have been automatically cleaned up:

    This tree is using the library meshes for the leaves (europeanAspen), I verified the meshes by exporting them in maya, and it looked fine ...
    It also looks like it's happening on other trees as well.

    I'm using SpeedTree for Windows 6.1.3 (soon switching to latest linux version)



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    I imported the european aspen tree into maya and didn't see any mesh problems, and I did not get that overlap warning. Perhaps it's something specific to your tree?

    Could you save the tree into an empty folder using "save as with assets" from the file menu, zip/rar that folder, and then send it to [email protected]? That will ensure we get all the meshes and textures you are using in it. We can take a look at the tree and the files it exports to see if we can pinpoint the problem.


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      I received your tree

      I am not sure what is causing the problem, but I can give you a workaround.

      Basically, turn off the "Leaves:Flip" property on any leaf generators in that tree. This will fix the exported file.

      We've seen a tricky bug like this before, but I thought we had a handle on it. It has to do with how UVs are handled on leaves that are flipped. It only shows up on some leaf meshes, and apparently the leaf from the european aspen is one of those. Why OBJ works okay in this situation, I am unsure.

      Sorry for any inconvenience, and thanks for the bug report. Hopefully the workaround will keep you going for now.