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ST8 Unity Modeler crashes on Randomize

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  • ST8 Unity Modeler crashes on Randomize

    Randomize usually worked for all the trees I've used it with. However for Dracaena_Hero_1.spm it crashes the Modeler, the Modeler just disappears. A 100% reproducable. Just load the model and hit Randomize.

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    I was able to 'Randomize' this model successfully. However, I was able to get the modeler to crash when I hit randomize repeatedly and didn't allow the model time to update or recalculate. I will log this for our developers to look into, but in the meantime, just hit the 'Randomize' button once and allow it to process. Once it's done processing, you can randomize the model again.

    Also, you can try hiding the 'Leaf' generators as you randomize. Once you have a model you like, you can unhide them.

    Hope this helps!


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      Ok, thank you. I can confirm it doesn't seem to crash when I wait. Hope this gets fixed asap, crash is too "random", sometimes my finger is loose and i click twice. It happens