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[BUG] Export Alembic -> scale -1 on x axis = mirror trees

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  • [BUG] Export Alembic -> scale -1 on x axis = mirror trees

    Hello Speedtree team,

    An artist reported me a bug today. With Speedtree Cinema 7.1.1 under Linux, when exporting the tree in Alembic file format, when re uploading the .abc in Maya the tree appears mirrored. Looks like there's a scale -1 on the x axis and 180 degrees rotation. This issue seems to be only for Alembic export, the .obj is working.
    I put a screenshot as example, so you can see that, in the Maya scene, the obj tree is correct and the alembic one is mirrored.

    Thanks for you help!
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    Hi Caro,

    We've been able to reproduce the issue. It has been logged to look into. Is it causing you trouble presently? If so, shoot us a message at [email protected].



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      Hi Dave,

      Thank you for your quick answer.
      So far, the artist managed to skirt the problem by inverting the Maya scene because he's still testing. There is a big scene coming soon in the pipeline so he is waiting for a fix, but yet this is not blocking him.
      I'll let him know you're working on it!

      Have a good day


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        Hello, Dave

        I'm experiencing the same problem and was wondering if there is a fix for this problem yet or a workaround ?

        software edition:
        SpeedTree v7.1.6 (studio edition)


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          Hi David,

          It is a known bug. The issue will be fixed in the next version of SpeedTree, but we don't currently have a workaround for it. Sorry for the inconvenience.