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UE 4.19 - Speedtree Modeler 8.3.0 - Smooth LOD Facing Leaves broken

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  • UE 4.19 - Speedtree Modeler 8.3.0 - Smooth LOD Facing Leaves broken

    Hi as the title says smooth lod for facing leaves is broken for me. They are scaled really huge and are not working the right way, when i change them to pop they work but they pop sadly
    Any idea what is causing this? Any other type of leaves works fine with the smooth LOD option... I dont know if this is fixed in a later version of unreal, i sadly cant switch to a later one....

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    ok i now installed UE 4.21.2 and facing leafs are not working still. Is there something i am missing? In speed tree under default generator then card, they should work in unreal with smooth LOD right?
    Is there a special setting i have to switch on for them to be working right?


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      so i figured it out, moreless, still not happy though...
      i can not use custom meshes with cards...then the smooth lods do not work.
      Is the card generator depricated? if it is how do i then make billboard/cameraficing behaviour for the normal leaf generator? And if the card generator is still viable how do i then set the pivot of those, i cannot find the setting for that.
      any help would make me very happy


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        We actually have a Card generator, which you can get by right clicking in the Generation Editor -> go to the 'Add geometry' -> 'Default' group and select 'Card'. However, at the moment, there seems to be a bug with the camera facing cards. I have logged this for our developers to looks at.

        Sorry for the inconvenience!