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A few minor thoughts for the next update

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  • A few minor thoughts for the next update

    How about a method or option for saving curves, much like we can save meshes, in a Speedtree format? (That is, favorite curves could be saved, independently of any given tree. Just as we now can save certain branches, etc. as "templates.")

    How about the ability to have user-generated or custom-designed knothole meshes to use in place of the standard knotholes? A couple of great things about the current Speedtree "knotholes" are that they are always centered on the trunk spline, their size is always relative to the radius of the tree trunk, and they always slide along the skin of the trunk perfectly, .... basically all without the need for the user to fiddle with them.

    But the "knotholes" really are just "stubs" of branches. It would be great if we model-builders could make our own custom-designed knothole meshes, and just simply swap them in for the standard Speedtree "knothole" objects. I've in mind that certain types of "knotholes" are characteristic of certain tree species, so that the current standard Speedtree "knothole" is not always appropriate for a given tree species. Custom-designed knotholes can be made now with the "mesh frond" operation, of course, but it is a real pain in the arse to get things lined up properly along a tree trunk's skin. Whatever procedures are being used for the standard Speedtree "knothole" are simple and direct, and it would be great to be able to take advantage of these existing routines.