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Python API to standardize Alembic Exports

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  • Python API to standardize Alembic Exports

    Is there any way to script the export of trees? We want to work speedree into our pipeline, and need to standardize settings and paths for Alembic exports.

    Ideally we'd like to be able to use python to trigger the export of an alembic with specific settings. We will use it to export out different resolutions at the correct scales to the correct paths on our server.

    Is this currently possible?
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    You can call the Modeler from the command line to export trees: <Modeler app> <spm file> -export <mesh file> -export_options <options file>

    The export options is the same ini file you can save out of the export dialog. You could write these programmatically if you wished. Scale and transform is included in there.

    However... choosing a resolution is not part of "exporting" per se. You won't be able to set that in the export options file; it can only be done in the interface. I can log to maybe look into adding it to the command line interface when loading a tree.

    Hope this helps