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Targetted Segment increase

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  • SoniaPiasecki

    In the Branch generator's 'Segments' group, there is a property in the 'Length' sub-group called 'Optimization. This will remove segments from the branch based on the curvature. This way, more will stay around the curves and less in the straighter areas.

    Hope this helps!

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  • vegipolygon
    started a topic Targetted Segment increase

    Targetted Segment increase

    Instead of applying blindly an increase of segments (polygons) to the whole trunk, I'd like to be able to target curvatures, without impacting the texture.
    When I use late noise and the segment/polygon count is very low, I get very hard and sharp turns on the trunk, to solve this I increase the segments, mostly the length segments, but this is wasting a lot of polygons where they are not needed. I'd like to be able to target curvature and how far from the curvature.
    I suggest 1 tick box and 2 parameters:
    tick box: Target Curvatures
    a parameter to select the amount of curvature (inspired by Houdini Polybevel: ignore flat edges + flatness angle)
    a parameter to select more or less areas around the curvature.

    The concept is similar to what Sidefx implemented for terrains: what's the point of increasing polygons on the flat ground, they're just needed for the curvatures, watch around minute 3 of:

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