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Looking for better/updated Speedtree Shaders - Unity 2018

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  • Looking for better/updated Speedtree Shaders - Unity 2018


    I'm looking for some updated shaders to use with Speedtree assets for Unity 2018 built-in pipeline (not HDRP)
    (More specifically, i'm looking for tesselation or parallax shaders.)

    I've tested Unity's standard and customs shader which works fine, but it's missing some settings such as branches blending or color variations.
    Beside, are the shaders actually provided even in PBR ? I can't find anything about Metallic/Smoothness maps.

    I found some informations about this on GPU Gems but i'm not skilled enough to implementing something alike.

    Thanks in advance, in hope someone have a solution to this, or tell me if the shaders will be updated in a future day.

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    Okay I think I'll take no responses as a no then.


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      Sorry for the delay. The materials are PBR, however most of our assets do not need Metallic or Smoothness maps, this is something you can add by editing the shader. However, this is something that is dependent on each user, I would suggest researching on how to do this.