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Speedtree8 Unity2018.3 Linear Deferred subsurface not working?

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  • Speedtree8 Unity2018.3 Linear Deferred subsurface not working?

    Hi there,
    I already created many Trees for my project in Speedtree7 some time ago, now I wanted to upgrade all trees to Speedtree8 to get Subsurface and other benefits like better perfomance.
    Since 2 days I was not able to get the same smooth results like I had in Speedtree7 to that it seems subsurface not working in Unity Deferred also the generated billboards looking a bit harsh and edgy.
    It also seems that something change with the smoothing and puffiness for the leafcards, the Speedtree7 trees looking much more smooth and the trees from Speedtree8 with all upgraded generators and same adjustments looking now very edgy.

    Thanks in advance.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	ST_billboard-artefacts_01.JPG
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Name:	ST_smooth-normals_01.JPG
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    At the moment subsurface isn't working in deferred. As for the shading/puffiness, the Upgrade will try to convert it and keep it as close as possible. However, we have made many changes in v8 so you may have to tweak the tree after you upgrade it. The lighting is probably different because of the Normals. I would suggest going to the Leaf generator's 'Lighting' group and using those properties to get the normal/lighting the way you want.

    Here is a link to the documentation page about the properties in the 'Leaf' generator. Scroll to the 'Lighting' section to find a description of what each property does.

    Hope this helps!


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      Thanks for the fast response,
      Sad to hear that Subsurface not working in deferred!
      For the puffiness of the leafs I tweaked the last 2 days every parameter of the lightning generator, it seems impossible to get the same smooth results like in the SpeedTree7 also the billboard transition looks much smother in in v7.
      Is there any way to switch back and work with the modeler7? I removed my old version before the installing Speedtree8.
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        We'd be happy to help you out with this. Would you mind emailing [email protected]?