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Make Shell generator movable (ability to change starting point)

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  • Make Shell generator movable (ability to change starting point)

    Here is a reference image of what I need to achieve: add only in a small area of the tree trunk, a new texture with opacity map. This is completely different from the question asked in the forum, here it's about a very small addition cut with an opacity map.
    I think the Shell Generator cannot do that because it is stuck to the bottom of the tree trunk, it always starts there and I can't move it up. I can raise the position of the shell, this makes it bigger but it only stretches the texture and I cannot place it where I need to place it, and if I want to unstretch it I end up creating multiple copies while I only need one.
    Basically I need one thing: the ability to change the starting point of the shell. This way I can set the shell to starting position 0.5, and end position 0.6, which places the texture in this area.
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    Thank you for your request. I will log this for our developers to look into.


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      Any chance this almost two-year-old request can be implemented? It would help a lot in texture realism. Thank you.


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        Hi vegipolygon we have a feature coming in v9 that will likely fulfill the goal of the feature requested here.

        Thank you for checking in on your request!