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Collision for branches for multi trunk trees, split trees, and single trunk trees

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  • Collision for branches for multi trunk trees, split trees, and single trunk trees

    Now it's no longer a question, but a feature request, It would be good to have a collision for branches for (A) split trees and (B) multi trunk trees, and obviously for (C) normal trees as well, which happens e.g. with high late noise. I have attached a picture for each case.

    You guys already have what it takes to do it since you have (1) collision for leaves, and (2) Spine->Prune-> ground. So you really are able to implement a branch collision, which kind of comes before these two that are already in place. Looking forward to see it in the next development release.
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    The difference in early and late noise here are what would help your tree branches not collide, based on when the noise is factored in the computation.

    Early noise
    is computed while the spine is being shaped-because of this it knows where the other spines are and can avoid them.
    Late noise is computed after the spine is shaped, so adding late noise is easier to control structure wise but you may see some collision.

    If the collision is of high importance, I'd rely more on early noise and edits to the parent curves to turn off problem areas of the late noise.


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      Early noise doesn
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        There is a problem is the above incomplete post. I could edit it.
        what i wanted to say is that early noise is somewhat useless for realism, while late noise give us the result needed, but the user is too often asked not to use it:
        - to avoid branch collision
        - to avoid penetration when using attract force
        we need the results of late noise without the side effects