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Strange wind behaviour in Unity

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  • Strange wind behaviour in Unity

    I bought this tree
    In SpeedTree editor when the wind is ON the animation is good, but when I export it to Unity (2019.1.2) the wind animation is strange. In Unity I use wind quality of the material - Palm.
    How can I solve this problem?
    I captured videos of the tree in game and in SpeedTree editor to demonstrate what I mean strange animation, but I cannot attach them to this post, so I uploaded them here

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    That is indeed very strange. Seems to be something that happens with 'Preset' set to 'Palm'. I will log this for our developers to look into, but in the meantime, changing the 'Preset' to 'Best' will work. The wind behavior you have in that preset will be the same when imported into Unity.

    Hope this helps!


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      Thank you for reply, the "best" preset works much better, but the interaction with the wind is still different in SpeedTree editor and Unity. I've made new videos
      In the editor branches are floating mostly in the horizontal direction. In Unity they are bouncing in vertical direction. I haven't change the tree, just opened it and exported it into an empty Unity project.
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