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Problem with export to Unity

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  • Problem with export to Unity


    I am just starting to study SpeedTree (Unity Subscription Edition), version 8.3.0. Unity version 2019.1.
    When I try to export tree model to scene in a unity project, the engine does not recognize ".st" file. Error:"
    File couldn't be read."
    Also the same problem with ".unitypackage" files and manually copied folders.
    But it is possible to add models from "
    Free SpeedTrees Package".
    The only solution I find is to create an empty project on root directory (
    ). Then it is possible to save models there.
    I attached three images:
    1. Trees from free package, root directory
    2. Error with exported trees, custom directory
    3. Exported trees, root directory
    I suspect that the problem is a using a russian words in a path to destination folder.
    Is it possible to solve this problem?

    Best regards, Dmitry.
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    Hrmm, I can't think of a reason why one path would work and another wouldn't.

    Make sure you allow the export to finish completely before switching back to Unity (wherein it will attempt to load it). It could be you're switching back before it is done.


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      Thank you for advice, Greg.

      Tried, don't work. The same problem and solution for SpeedTree when crate a material: it is necessary not to have a Russian words in a path to image for color, opacity, etc.

      Else, I had error.
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        The Modeler does have a few problems with unicode paths in the texture loading system. We'll be fixing that in the future.

        But I expected that exporting and Unity's loading of the export should work fine. Seems not. I will log to look into it.